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20 Weeks! Half Way There!

WOW! I can't believe we are 20 weeks along already! It has been an amazing journey! I am so grateful I haven't been too sick, just normal stretching and cramping! I can't believe what your body goes through to have a child.  It is so much more than what I have ever imagined.  Just a brief summary of the last 20 weeks or maybe not so brief.

On October  8th, Molly and Danny had baby Cruz a few weeks early.  We were so lucky to be able to go see them in the hospital.  We had just started trying to have a baby and had no idea that at that moment we were already pregnant.  Cruz was perfect if every way, despite some of Molly's complications.  It made me so nervous to actually labor a child but holding Cruz made me so excited.

Baby Cruz! 
It wasn't until Oct. 24th that I took a pregnancy test.  It was a few days early and cam back negative.  I was a little disappointed but some how knew that I had to be pregnant.  Saturday morning Oct. 27th Trent and I ran a few errand and then I came home and took another test.  This test came back positive.  Trent   had just run to his parents to grab something so when he cam back in the door I said, "Hey come look at something for me."  He then said, "We are having a baby?"  I made him double check the test just to be sure.  But it definitely had two lines!

Sunday morning Trent was making bacon and it made me so nauseated! I knew again that I was pregnant!  I called the doctor Monday morning and they set up an appointment for 10 weeks.  I was so sad we had to wait that long.  I kept on questioning my self if I was pregnant or not.  In November when I skipped my period I was again reassured that I really was pregnant.  My only real symptoms were that I was slightly nauseated and exhausted.

First gift I bought our baby! At only 8 weeks! 
On Dec. 6th we Went to the doctor for our first visit! Had my blood pressure check, weight, and found out we are due July 6th. The doctor came in and check me. Everything looked great. He then did an ultra sound and measures the length of the baby. The little one was about 2.5 cm. we measured at about 9 weeks and 5 days. The ultra sound said we were due about July 9-10. Dr. Kaelberer said we would shoot for the 6th.
It was incredible to see the little heart fluttering! It was moving so fast, it made everything more real! It was reassuring that I wasn't making up my slight nausea and exhaustion. The doc said that the baby was moving a lot! I loved seeing Trent's face light up at the sight of the little blob on the screen. They gave us 3 pictures of the ultra sound.
Dr. Kaelberer came back in and we talked about questions we may have and of course none came to mind. Except can I take baths. We set our next appointment for Jan. 4th. 

Dec. 10th at 10 weeks we told our parents. We made a Christmas card and asked them to edit the card. First we went to my parents house and nobody was home.  I was really disappointed. Next we went to Trent's parents.  His little sister was there so we were not quite sure what to do.  We only wanted to tell our parents at this point. We went in and just hung out for a few minutes.  Finally Tiffany and Taylor decided to go home. We pretended to leave with them and then went right back inside.  We asked Jill to edit our card.  It took her a few minutes and then she looked up and said, "really?" She then showed Dave.  He was very excited.  
My mom then called and said they were home.  I told her I just wanted them to edit our Christmas card.  
We took the card over to my parents and asked them to edit the card. My dad looked at it and said, "what is there to edit? It looks fine." We asked him to look a little more closely and then he saw the ultrasound. They were so excited. My mom called me a little rascal for not telling them sooner. 

On Dec. 17 We told Trent siblings by posting our card on photo stream. Molly was the first to respond. She was so excited! aShe called screaming. She is excited to have a cousin for little Cruz. Tiffany and Taylor didn't even look at it. We had to point it out to them. Scott saw it first and told Wendy who was in the kitchen. We all came together for dinner for Scott's birthday. Felt bad to steal his night, but everyone was so excited!

On December 22nd at 12 weeks we went to my parents for a Christmas Eve celebration! We had family photos taken by my parents neighbor Brad Butler. On the last photo he said, "Natalie and Trent are pregnant!"  Everyone thought he was joking and just sat there I finally said, "no really we are pregnant!" Everyone screamed. Grandma did not hear and wasn't sure what was going on.  Holly leaned down and told her. She was pretty excited! It is fun to be pregnant with Heidi. She is 7 weeks ahead of us!

On Dec. 24 We told Trent's grandparents and aunts and uncles at our Christmas Eve party. We gave Trent's grandparents a picture frame that said, "worlds greatest great grandparents!"  With the ultrasound picture inside.
Welcome to our 2nd trimester! 

14 Weeks!

Jan. 1st
I have headache for 24 hours. Yucky and still lingering. Trying to get rid of it.  Nothing seems to work. Morning sickness has stopped. I can get hungry without getting nauseous so that's nice. Still hungry every couple hours. Breasts aren't as tender. We are now 13.5 weeks!  Out of our first trimester!
Jan. 2nd
So I told my faculty and students today. It was pretty funny. My kids were more excited about new crayons. One student said, "you're having a baby!" And the next second another kids said, "yes new crayons!" It's funny what first graders focus on!
My faculty was really excited for us! Lots of congrats.

 On Jan.  30 at 17.5 weeks we had an appointment and found out that it is 90% chance of being a boy. When I walked into the office they took my blood pressure and my weight. I stayed at the same weight which is good news I guess. The doctor walked by and said he had seen my mom earlier. I asked if she asked him to do an ultra sound. He said know and asked how far along we were. I said 17.5 weeks. He said oh yeah let's look. Trent arrived and we went in and looked. I couldn't see much. He tried pointing out his legs but they seemed a blur to me. Kaelberer asked if we had an idea of what it might be. I said a boy and he said I think so too. We don't officially find out until Feb. 12. But I am pretty positive it is.
We went home and I called my parents. They asked if we found anything out. I said yes and my dad asked is it indoor plumbing or out door? They screamed when I told them it was a boy.
We went and bought a couple bibs that say, "thank heavens for boys." We took one over the next night to tell Trent's parents. They were really excited but all Tiffany could say was, I wish it was a girl.
I then texted my siblings and Trent posted a picture on photo stream! Everyone is pretty excited. My nephew Jackson said, "finally a boy cousin!"  I think all the Kinnersley's are thinking the same thing.

Feb. 7th -18weeks
Been feeling a little movement. Not sure if it is stomach pain or baby. Last night I could've sworn I felt a heel or elbow poking out on the right side. But I think I'm still up early for that.
I really craved strawberries the last few weeks.  But nothing really lately. I have lessened my. Sugar intake to see if it helps my dizziness and weird feelings. I had a glucose test done but everything was normal. So I am not sure what the deal is. I think I might be hypoglycemic.  Guess we'll find out.
Last night I cleaned the nursery out a little bit more. Tonight I ordered our crib and bedding. It's polka dots. I hope we like it.
Still pretty constipated most of the time. Usually last 2-4 days.  Breasts are really tender especially after I lay down. Just wishing I could get use to All these body changes!
76 days left of school. Hopefully I can make it!

Feb. 10-19 weeks
Feeling him a little more these days! He likes to stretch out and poke forward. Yesterday we went and registered. Trent decided he wanted more of a sports theme for the nursery. Which I am excited about. Can't wait until Tuesday we have our ultrasound. Hopefully all is well and he is growing the way he should.

On Feb. 12

We had our ultrasound and it was amazing! still can't believe that little guy is growing inside of me! The nurse looked for everything. She looked at his brain, heart had four chambers, 3 vessel cord, plenty of fluid in the sack!  She said my placenta is on the top side so I may not feel movement as soon as most others. I am beginning to feel more. It feels like he is stretching. He has 2 hands, and 2 feet. He decided to show off his goods with wide open legs. His profile is so cute and little. My mom said that he already looks like Trent and that he could have hair growing already.
Proud to be a Man! 

I can't believe we are half way there! I want to start shopping so bad. I love looking at little rompers. I bought a cute blue plaid romper at SAMs club the other day and another one with a monkey holding a banana.  It is so fun to get excited about having a boy. I like the names Payton, Elijiah, and Eli. We keep joking about naming him jedidiah  and calling him Jedi!

Last week I ordered the crib. We set it up. I really like it. It is black and has a square pattern across the top rails.

Still can't believe we made it 20 weeks! I am hoping the next 20 are just as fast! 

Happy 20 weeks to us! To be continued...

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  1. What a fun post! Congrats!!! It's funny because I totally craved strawberries when I was pregnant with my little guy....I think I ate them every single day :) I've been feeling really light headed and like I'm going to pass out this pregnancy and I found out that my blood sugar is really low so maybe yours is to so eat more sugar! Its been helping me :) Hope your pregnancy keeps going well!


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