Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2nd Trimester!

Feb. 26
So tired of feeling like a balloon is in my stomach ready to pop. I am having bad gas pains. We went and saw the doctor yesterday. Everything was great. He measured me but I forgot how big he said I was. He took a while to find a hard beat but when he did it was very strong. Little slugger is moving lots more. Feels like little pluses. Can't wait for Trent to feel him move! 21 weeks in! 19 to go!

March 3rd-22 weeks
Wow can't believe we are more than half way. 18 weeks left seems like nothing but I am getting bigger and bigger an more uncomfortable.
The little tike likes to push down on my bladder especially in the car. I think it's because the seat belt and my pants are usually to tight to sit to long.
Holly announced she is pregnant on valentines. She is due the second week of September. That means three grand babies for my parents in one summer. We are number 10 which I am excited about.
Trent has been trying really hard to feel him but he hasn't yet. I think he is just to little. According to my apps we could try and hear the heart beat with a stethoscope.
Yesterday we went to IKEA and bought a side dresser for next to a rocking chair. I am excited to set it up.
Gas pains are coming and going but much better. Still pretty constipated but the doctor said that will always be there.
Not sleeping to we'll thru the nights. I seem to get my deepest sleep from 6-8 in the am. Been waking up at 2:30 and 5 to go to the bathroom. I think it's just preparing me for when he is here and I have to feed him. Biggest thing I want to do to is just lay on my belly. Lots of times I roll over to go to my belly and then realize I can't.
Money is tight. Been trying really hard to eat from home. I really don't want to go back to work full time. It really worries Trent. We have so much to buy to get this baby here. I trying to only by one expensive thing a month. So far I've done pretty good. I want the nursery to be done by the end of April so I can not be so stressed about it.
My mind is constantly filled with things is like to buy or do. It's hard to not know what people might give you at showers. I did order a nursing pillow for half the price and it is yellow mink. Which I think is so cute.
I schedule Trent's cousin Natalie to take our maternity pictures on May 25 and newborn family photos sometime after he is here . I am excited I think she'll do a good job.

March 9th-23 weeks
Wow is he moving a lot more! Two nights ago I laid in bed and he was moving so much it made me sea sick. If I am on my back I can feel him move more. Last night it felt like he was kicking up into my ribs but I think it was just bubbles in my stomach because it was so high. 
Trent built the night stand and added feet to our shelves to make it taller for a changing table.
I am trying hard to get Trent to feel him move but no such luck yet. Trent isn't trying very hard anymore. I've been so constipated and sick to my stomachi the last few days nothing seems to clear it out. Hopefully all the juice will help.
Yesterday I bought six boxes of Girl Scout cookies I guess you could say it was a craving. I haven't eaten very many but man are they good.
I am wearing my first real maternity shirt today. It makes me feel huge but it is pretty cute.
I am looking into going part time instead of quitting. It is so stressful. But Trent's insurance is so bad that it is worth me working, almost! I hoping to be able to move to McMillan with my friend Sam. We would make an awesome team. So I hope it all works out. My principal has been talking me up to her principal so hopefully that helps!

On March 15- we went to cold stone with Olivia and Ben. She is about ready to pop. She is due March 30 and looks so cute! While at dinner we came up with some funny names for our baby. Obidiah Juan (Obi one) and jedidiah Master (Jedi Master) we were laughing so hard! I really do like the name jedidiah. But I don't think I could punish my child with that! Still like Eli and Payton. Not sure what his name will be.

March 18-
Happy Birthday to me! My parents took us out to dinner at the Little America.  It was fun to go out.  I also splurged and bought a few outfits.

March 19th
Frances sent me this message,
Ps. I meant to tell you yesterday but it was your day so I didn't want to crowd in. But you know WAY back when we'd sit on your bed and dream of vein older together and married and... Well although we're not neighbors yet, we can say we've been pregnant together!

I am so excited she is pregnant and due in Sept.

24.5 Weeks! Crib is set up! 

March 21-25weeks
I can't believe that we are in our third trimester. I am feeling pretty good the constipation has begun to cease and that makes me happy! 
I am so excited to say that Trent has now felt this little man. It was so cute! One morning he rolled over and put his hand on my belly. A few seconds later he said was that you and I said nope that was him! From then on this little one has been a daddy's boy. Last weekend I had cleaned the whole house bending down a lot while I was sweeping and cleaning. Well the rest of the night I didn't feel him as much. He started worrying me. I just felt a little movement that night but not as much as I normally do. Sunday night I still hadn't felt much and I was beginning to worry. We went to bed and woke up Monday. I hadn't slept well trying to feel him all night. Trent finally rolled over and said how'd you sleep? I told him not well still hadn't felt much movement. The second that Trent put his hand on my belly this little man started going crazy. He obviously just needed some love from daddy! He continues to do it most mornings when Trent feels my belly.
I love feeling him move. I have noticed that he has moved higher into my torso. It almost feels like he is tickling my ribs. A few times I have felt him just below my right breast! 

This week I am craving Taco Bell bean burritos and blue raspberry and cherry mixed icees! So yummy!

Today I took my praxis again! It was very stressful. I think our little guy knew how stress I was. He kept kicking me during the test. I hope I passed but I am afraid I didn't because I ran out of time.

For my birthday Trent and I purchased a king size bed! Last night was our first night sleeping on it! I slept to deep. It was nice to feel like I could move around with out disturbing Trent! We will get our bed frame next week. For now the mattress is on the floor. But even there it is so comfortable! I also ordered the nursery bedding! It is bright colors. I hope it comes soon!
Love sharing my birthday with my niece Sydney! Can't believe she is 10! 
First baby outfits! 

March 23-25 weeks
Today was great Trent and I laid on our bed and watched my tummy move. It was fun to see Trent's face light up. Every time he see it, it seems like it becomes more real and he says, "there's a baby in there!"
March 25
To celebrate Molly's and my birthday we went bowling with the Young's! It was way fun to play with Cruz and a new event to bowl with a giant belly lop-siding me.  I also got an Italian Soda which use to be one of my favorite treats but for some reason this one did not taste the best.   

March 31- 26 weeks
So excited Trent's cousin Karie announced they are pregnant today! They are due nov. 1st. It will be so fun to have cousins so close in age.
I've been feeling pretty good lately. A little constipated but mostly just tired. I went to the doctor this week and had my glucose test done again. It was normal but hematocrit was low(32) so he wanted me to take iron. I've been on it a few days now and I definitely feel more awake and have more energy. That may be just that it is spring break but I'm hoping it is more the pills.
My biggest craving are icee, slushies, and slurpees! I don't know that that is going to change with heading into summer. I think I'll probably just want more.
I am swollen again this week. My ankles are more like cankles and my fingers are so swollen I can barely get my ring on and off. I'm trying to drink lots of water and stay off my feet. But now I'm just having to go to the bathroom constantly! My mom says I need to lower my sodium intake.

I was handed the part time kindergarten job at McMillan for next year. I'm excited and nervous. It caught me off guard because I was never really offered the job. It was just told to me that it was mine. Kinda nuts! I'm excited to work with Sam. Not so excited to have to work. But I am trying to make the best of it.
Yesterday I fell going up out back stairs. I hit my toes and my knees. I don't think I hit anything else. The little one is still moving like crazy so I think he is going to be fine. My knees are just nice and bruised!

Happy Easter! Love that my belly is like a giant Easter Egg! 

Today we went up to Snowbird and surprised my mom with a birthday dinner! It was fun to all be together to celebrate! I was able to put together a slide show of her 60 years of life.  It was fun to watch as a family.  

I am now 27 weeks! I can't believe it! I have been craving ice cream.  I keep saying that this must be Trent's son because I never really liked ice cream before and now I crave it.  

My DI finds! Such cute clothes for so so cheap! 


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